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LOw Tech for Ensuring Food Safety (LOTEF)

Low-tech is key to solving everyday high-tech problems. LOw Tech for Ensuring Food-safety (LOTEF) is an umbrella initiative aiming to leverage on affordable technological products for ensuring food safety and quality in Myanmar value chains.

As a least developed country, very often, producers in Myanmar especially those closer to downstream agricultural production are not able to afford to invest in food safety and quality hence limiting their market access significantly.

LOTEF aims to introduce the products, technologies and services which are low tech and affordable for producers along the agri-food value chain at production, post-harvest, storage, processing and retail/wholesale stages for ensuring food safety quality.

  • Type: Umbrella Initiative with multiple partners

  • Duration: N/A

  • Current Status: Ongoing, Open for collaboration

  • Zone of Influence: All food production and agriculturally predominant regions of Myanmar

  • Total Budget: N/A


The DryCard™ is an inexpensive device developed in Feed The Future Horticulture Innovation Labs by UC Davis researchers for determining if a dried commodity is dry enough to prevent fungi and mold growth during storage. Moldy food can have a bad taste and may be contaminated with harmful fungal toxins. Molds will not grow if the air around a product is lower than 65 percent relative humidity.

Myanmar Innovative Life Sciences (MILS) signed the official agreement with UC Davis' Horticulture Innovation Lab in July 2022 to manufacture and distribute the DryCard™ in Myanmar. Currently, the pilot production is ongoing which will be followed by validation and field trials.

To promote DryCard™ to wider range of agriculture and food producers across Myanmar, MILS via CSAID is looking for collaborations with;

  • Development Agencies

  • Civil Society Organizations

  • Distributors and

  • Interested agriculture and food producers

Watch to learn how to use DryCard™


Learn how to implement Dry Chain using DryCard™

Click the image below to go to Dry Chain Handout.


Watch the webinar: Dry Chain: Solving dry commodity losses due to moisture and humidity

Watch the webinar below or click here to go to webinar page.


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