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Food Systems Quality Infrastructure (FSQI)

FSQI is the 3.5 years partnership collaboration between MILS and Feed The Future Burma Agriculture and Food Systems Development Activity aimed to technologically intervene the Myanmar's agri-food value chains for improvement of food safety and quality to strengthen the market linkages.

This project is made possible with the generous support of the American People.

  • Type: Partnership Project with MoU signed

  • Duration: 3.5 years

  • Zone of Influence: Shan, Mandalay, Magway, Sagaing

  • Total Budget: 577,297 USD

Project Description

Project Goal: To create an extensive and robust technological infrastructure to enable farmers and food producers in Myanmar to have improved access to the market with safe and quality products.

To achieve the goal, the project is designed by integrating two main components.

i. To create a mobile laboratory

To provide the necessary technical services closer to the farms and clients’ businesses. By doing so, food producers and farmers can receive the technical answers rapidly and make better decisions to manage the food safety risks effectively to produce safer and higher quality products. Furthermore, the Mobile laboratory will bring services closer to ethnic communities thereby promoting inclusion into the agriculture and food market systems in AFDA’s ZOI.

<Project Update on March 2022: Due to current ongoings in Myanmar, to better manage the risks associated, component 1 mobile laboratory is replace with Technical Center for Farmers and Food Producers. TC's model can be found here>

ii. To increase the capacity and get ISO 17025 accreditation for main laboratory

To provide more extensive technical services with higher testing capabilities and greater capacity in connection with the mobile laboratory as well as to provide accredited laboratory results for oversea export to fulfill buyer’s requirement.

Available Testing at the main laboratory in Yangon upon receiving the project's assistance;

  • Microbiological Testing of agriculture and food products (new microorganisms)

  • Mycotoxin in agriculture and food products

  • Drug residues in agriculture and food products

  • Pesticide Screening

  • Good Agriculture Practices (GAP) related testings


Additional Information


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