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Intervention Mechanisms

As a multi-stakeholder collaboration platform, the interventions CSAID take on for the initiatives are always designed multilaterally with the leading organization (often MILS) and one or more collaborators, either existing or potential partners of CSAID.


The in-depth understanding of the value chain and agri-food ecosystem as a whole, key actors, their challenges and bottlenecks, their interests and motivation, community dynamics and Do No Harm principles combined with the technical capabilities contribute significantly to the planning of the intervention activities.


Resource Mobilization

Myanmar as a least developed country, intervention activities naturally require significantly more resources. On top of established development agency approach, CSAID's resource mobilization strategy is focused on technical and infrastructural resources. CSAID believes that at this stage of Myanmar's development it is more resource-efficient to leverage on existing technical resources (e.g. know-hows) and infrastructural assets (e.g. R&D facilities) of partners and collaborators.

Technological Intervention

Technology is key to systemic transformation and Myanmar is lacking key technologies in critical areas of food systems for food safety to value-added processing. As CSAID understands that low tech solutions are key to answering high tech problems, its initiatives have one or more technological components which is (are) well-validated to Myanmar's development context. 

Incentivisation of Actors

Behavioural changes are the foundation of systemic changes and very often it takes enormous resources to change the behaviour of actors especially rural communities and smallholders of developing countries such as Myanmar. Creative incentivisation is key to unlock the resistance of those communities and groups who have a tendency to maintain status quo.

Synergistic Collaborations

Strategic and effective collaborations always produce synergies to create positive impacts. Well diversified partners and collaborators align their expectations on CSAID's prolific platform to design the projects and initiatives time and resource-efficiently. Tangible and scalable impacts are brought about without having to compromise each partner's core values. 

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