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CSAID is a multi-stakeholder collaboration platform to accelerate the process of making Myanmar’s agri-food value chains relevant to global supply chains by catalyzing the transformation towards resource-efficient and sustainable food systems while mitigating their impacts on climate change.

Areas of Intervention

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Sustainable Agriculture
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Food Safety & Quality
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Protein Crops
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Food Waste & Loss

Intervention Mechanisms

Bringing about systemic changes require multi-stakeholder collaborations, especially for developing countries such as Myanmar where basic infrastructures and resources are lacking. CSAID leverages on the following mechanisms to intervene in the most vulnerable value chains and communities to create scalable impact.

  • Resource Mobilization

  • Technological Intervention

  • Incentivisation of Actors

  • Synergistic Collaboration 



CSAID as a multi-stakeholder collaboration platform, it achieves synergies through mutually beneficial collaborations between partners and key stakeholders. Whether the resources are owned or operated by CSAID’s convening organization, MILS, or made available by strategic partners, the resources are cross-utilized for various initiatives and campaigns to create the maximum impact for the beneficiaries of the initiatives.

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Technical Assets

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Project Management

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